Celebrating the first day of Autumn at the Art Galleries in Friday Harbor

Half the fun is just getting to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island during our Friday, September 23rd day cruise …which also happens to be the first day of Fall.

Once you make it to Friday Harbor, check out the current exhibits at the San Juan Islands Museum of Arts and Waterworks Gallery. Both galleries are conveniently located within walking distance of the waterfront.

San Juan Islands Museum of Art – Location: 285 Spring St.

San Juan Islands Museum of Modern Art

Presents Kurt Wenner – 3D Pavement Art

San Juan Islands Museum of Modern Art Kurt Wenner

“Asphalt Renaissance” is showcasing the incredible talent of a true Renaissance man and master 3-D artist! Kurt Wenner revolutionized traditional pavement art by inventing a technique for creating spectacular three-dimensional illusions. His incredible art is a global and internet phenomenon that awes and inspires millions. National Geographic videos of his work will be shown, as well as a video that Kurt will produce for the exhibition that focuses on the importance of art history in today’s world of art.

Waterworks Gallery – Location: 315 Argyle

Waterworks Gallery Friday Harbor Expeditions Autumn Delight Day Cruise

Presents Tom Rierden – Oil Paintings

Waterworks Gallery Tom Rierden

Sue Roberts – Ceramic Sculpture

Waterworks Gallery Sue Roberts Friday Harbor

Tom Rierden’s artwork is based on narrative storytelling at its finest, created by using acrylic paints on panels. Tom’s casts of characters conveyed in the paintings are people doing work; i.e., farming, driving tractors or just standing around chatting. Sue Roberts uses painted and fired clay to create large-scale people who have issues and opinions. Sue’s sculptures will grab the attention.

Call Today – Reservations Required

Make your reservation for the September 23rd Autumn Delight Friday Harbor Day Cruise 360-452-6210.

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